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This is a forum for moms to compare notes on raising happy, healthy, fascinating kids while maintaining some semblance of a personal identity. It’s less about “having it all” than making the most of what you have, and sharing your stories with other moms.


2 Responses to "About Hi2Mommy"

I love this blog and my pre-schooler is now 19-years-old. I’m wondering if Sittercity.com handles dog sitters. I guess I’ll check that out. Otherwise, you seem to have a good handle on entertainment and I’m available to drop them off at your place any time. They just hit the terrible twos yesterday and I didn’t even get them a cake. Terrible mother!

With great respect,
Steph Brooks

Hey Steph!

SC actually DOES handle dog sitters – check it out!

I’d love to do day care, but my son’s almost-5-year-old head would literally explode. Terrified of dogs. Nothing personal – I’m sure yours are angels.

As the mother of a well-adjusted 19-year-old, please drop in often and share memories and advice!
You are an amaaaaaaazing mommy! Thanks so much for commenting!

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    • hi2mommy: Thanks, Laura - I'll never give up! YOU post some of the most exquisite recipes I've ever seen. You are going to be featured here very soon.
    • susie: well im not really sure what the 2nd reply post was all about, but i reckon this is still a classic game, whatever way you look at it.
    • Laura: Yum! I love a fruit smoothie - especially on a hot summer day. I'm with you on the fruit - mango or raspberries. Picking up where you left off is a


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