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Announcing: The “Kim & Dave 101 Foods” Project

Posted on: January 14, 2010

Getting a late-ish start on my favorite New Year’s Resolution, I am thrilled to announce “The Kim & Dave 101 Foods Project.” Inspired by “Julie & Julia,” the only film I actually saw on a big screen in 2009, and more deeply inspired by my friend David Grotto’s enthusiasm for nutrition and culinary discovery, I hereby resolve to prepare in 2010 each and every one of the recipes in Dave’s two books, “101 Foods That Can Save Your Life” and “101 Optimal Life Foods.” And then we can talk about them. And then we’ll all have roles when Hollywood makes it into a movie (with Meryl Streep playing Dave).

Dave, a long-time registered nutritionist/dietician, has been a friend since we went through the Second City improvisation training program in 2003-2004 (which, by the way, I recommend – the skills apply everywhere and you meet the coolest people – another topic). During class breaks, he would talk about his “nutrition housecalls,” in which he’d visit people’s homes and build a personalized shopping and diet plan for them based on an assessment of their refrigerator/freezer/cabinet contents. He’d also make little comments about apples helping diabetics or oregano fighting cancer, or how food was arguably more important than drugs in fighting and preventing disease. I didn’t feel moved to do anything with the information at the time, but it stuck.

It didn’t take long after receiving my copy of “101 Foods That Could Save Your Life” for the full-fledged conversion to kick in. I started taking tablespoonfuls of honey instead of cough medicine. When an ache or pain surfaced, I’d first look through the book’s index to see how it might be treated nutritionally before turning to pills. These days, I pile garlic on everything and, lo and behold, we’re halfway through cold and flu season without a single incident or vampire sighting (of course, you know I just jinxed my whole family).

So now we’re going the full monty. Please come along for the ride. Dave’s given permission to share recipes here and there, but I wholeheartedly encourage you to get the books. Your life will be better for it.

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life

101 Optimal Life Foods

Here’s what’s great:

IT’S NOT A DIET. You’d have to living under a rock in rural North Dakota not to have gotten the memo that diets don’t work. They’re temporary and they focus on deprivation. They stink. “101 Foods…” is about introducing a wider range of foods into your lifestyle that taste great and make you feel great- including facilitating weight loss. It’s a positive and, if you’re willing, permanent move.

FOOD IS GOOD MEDICINE. What’s better – whole wheat toast and yogurt or a lifetime of Lipitor? An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of pills, am I right? Nuff said.

THE RECIPES ARE EASY AND AWESOME. I’m no Julia Child, are you? Dave’s grade school-aged daughters helped create, test and re-test these recipes, so I think we’ll be OK, which brings me to my favorite point:

DAVE WROTE “101 FOODS THAT CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE” WITH HIS KIDS. That, honestly, is what inspired me to do this. I want to bring MY kids into this process, to introduce them to the amazing variety of foods that we are blessed to have at our fingertips, and, I hope, introduce some other important conversations, such as:

– The importance of trying new things
– How food makes your body grow and feel good
– Sharing food with people who don’t have as much

Of course, my kids are 3 and 5, so those conversations will go south a hundred different ways, but I’m excited to try. And I hope that some of you will join me. You can start by getting the books right here.

101 Foods That Could Save Your Life

101 Optimal Life Foods

Bon Appetit!

(Actually, that’s taken – we need our own catch phrase – anyone? How ’bout “Eat This!”)


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Go, Kim! You can do it!! We could do it as a long distance project!

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    • hi2mommy: Thanks, Laura - I'll never give up! YOU post some of the most exquisite recipes I've ever seen. You are going to be featured here very soon.
    • susie: well im not really sure what the 2nd reply post was all about, but i reckon this is still a classic game, whatever way you look at it.
    • Laura: Yum! I love a fruit smoothie - especially on a hot summer day. I'm with you on the fruit - mango or raspberries. Picking up where you left off is a


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